Lass Die Katze Aus Dem Sack!

Around 10pm at the Theaterplatz in Weimar. The ending of  „Lass die Katze aus dem Sack!“. It was a kind of rainy but totally worth to take part 😉

My intention was to create like a „analog style“ or something you could call it… So don’t be horrified about the quality and the grainy structure in these pics.

lass die Katze aus dem Sack (-analog-)!-1956

The look of these pics are like a continuation of  „Skate Through The Night“ from Vancouver last summer. Check it out 🙂

Special thanks to Georg (Skater in the Pictures)! Some more pic are coming up the next few days!

Have a nice one,


Location: Weimar, Theaterplatz

Photos by Leander


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