Langzeitbelichtung – longtime exposure

Panorama arno florenz

A panorama of the Fiume Arno, bridges (including the Ponte Vecchio) and the Pescadia di Santa Rosa as well.

Below you can find twice the same picture.

shutter speed: 1/80s

shutter speed: 1/80s

The only difference by taking the second photo is just the exposure. Make sure you have a tripod and if necessary a ND-Filter.

shutter speed: 60.0s

shutter speed: 60.0s

Practice creates masters. So, go for it!

Arno Firenze. Copyright @ Leander Brandstädt Arno Firenze Copyright @ Leander Brandstädt

By the way: Firenze is a great town and worth to visit!

Have a nice one 🙂

Location: Firenze

Photos by Leander


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